moth|er1 W1S1 [ˈmʌðə US -ər] n
[: Old English; Origin: modor]
1.) a female parent of a child or animal
His mother and father are both doctors.
mother of two/three etc
(=mother of two/three etc children)
Janet is a full-time teacher and a mother of two.
the relationship between mother and child
Goodnight, Mother.
Mother said they'd met at university.
If food is scarce, the mother will feed the smaller, weaker chicks.
mother cat/bird/hen etc
(=an animal that is a mother)
2.) be (like) a mother to sb
to care for someone as if you were their mother
She's like a mother to them. If they need anything she always helps out.
3.) like a mother hen
if someone behaves like a mother hen, they try to protect their children too much and worry about them all the time
4.) learn/be taught sth at your mother's knee
to learn something when you are a very young child
the prayers which he had been taught at his mother's knee
5.) the mother of sth
a) the origin or cause of something
Westminster is known as 'the mother of parliaments'.
Necessity is the mother of invention (=people have good ideas when the situation makes it necessary) .
b) informal a very severe or extreme type of something, usually something bad
I woke up with the mother of all hangovers.
6.) spoken especially AmE something very large and usually very good
a real mother of a car
7.) AmE taboo spokenmotherfucker
8.) Mother
a) used to address the woman who is in charge of a ↑convent
mother 2
mother2 v [T]
to look after and protect someone as if you were their mother, especially by being too kind and doing everything for them
I don't like being mothered!

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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